Tuesday, October 25, 2005

How Are Things?

Hello, everybody. Just checking in with you all. I hear there were more people at the Workshop this time. How'd it go? How are your new papers shaping up? How are you feeling about the class now that we're approaching mid-term? Have you processed the feedback you received on your graded papers yet? Comments? Questions? Also: Remember that we're screening a movie this Thursday, so it's very important that everybody arrive on time!

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Frances Wei said...

I think the thesis work shop went well. We all got help and guidance from Robin. I was damn confused by your definitions of argument and thesis, and directly went collapse after i received my first paper score. However, with Robin's help, I guess my third paper might be better than the first two. It is sad that not until the middle of the semester did I understand your definition of argument and thesis. Besides, I have big trouble understanding your handwriting. I guess it is not English, and I need you to help translate it for me. Thanks.