Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Next Week: Freud

For next week we'll be tackling Sigmund Freud's account, from his Three Case Studies of the Psychotic Dr. Schreber. It isn't available online, but rather than having you purchase the whole book for this one bit I've gone ahead and made photocopies of the relevant text for you which I'll distribute first thing. See you tomorrow for our discussion of Marx, hope you are enjoying it!


Anonymous said...

Thank you Dale for making us copies of the reading.

Anonymous said...

I was fascinated at the way Schreber attributes his desire to be a "redeemer type for mankind via his emasculation" to a God given charge. I always get an uneasy feeling when individuals claim God as their source of legitimacy or "disillusionment". Had it not been a 'sexual issue' as Freud diagnosis surmizes --would it be in a similar category with those who have had divine contact, claimed to be a redeemer type and as a result, hurt others--Jim jones etc.