Monday, September 03, 2007

Invitation to Our Blog

I've invited everybody to the blog, or at least I've tried to do so. If you have not received an invite, or if you have had trouble logging in, e-mail me from the e-mail account that you use most often and I'll re-send your invitation. I may have misinputted your e-mail address or screwed with case-sensitivity or some such thing. Accepting the blog invitation should be a relatively simple matter of clicking a link and providing some information at your first log in. To post content to the blog type in the address for blogger and it should ask you to log in or automatically will take you to our blog, at which point you should be able to post content. To read the blog just type in the address for our blog itself. If there are any problems, we can talk about them at our next meeting. Don't worry, there are always little problems to deal with here and there, it's not a big deal. Feel free to experiment, post whatever you like, see you all soon.

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