Thursday, November 22, 2007

Your Final Exam

To be recognized as human is to be accorded a special or “authentic” kind of ethical standing, while to be dismissed as nonhuman, subhuman, infrahuman through racializing, sexualizing, pathologizing, infantilizing, primitivizing, or bestializing language is to be rendered especially vulnerable to being cast outside of both culture and history. Discuss what you take to be significant similarities or differences in the role of this proposition in any two of the pieces we read in class by Michel Foucault, Valerie Solanas, Judith Butler, Franz Fanon, William Burroughs, Donna Haraway, or Carol Adams.

The essay is to be 5-6pp., and is due at the beginning of our final class meeting. We'll talk about this together next week if you have questions, comments, etc.

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