Saturday, November 29, 2008

Third Prompt, Section One of the Final

3. The very first words of the novel Kindred describe the loss of
Dana's arm. Octavia Butler subsequently wrote of Dana's loss, "I couldn't
let her come back whole."

What do you take to be the significance of Dana's loss? What is the
significance of the necessity of this loss to what you take to be
Butler's project in Kindred? How does the mysteriousness that
surrounds the depiction of this loss -- its specific cause, the mechanism
through which it occurs, its various implications, and so on -- contribute
(if it does) to the expression of this significance?


Vivian Amezcua said...

I know you explained this in class and I have it written down, but just for ultimate clarification: this is question number 3 of section 1, so that means I am writing one essaylet on 1 of these 3, and the second from one of three mystery questions which will be section 2 of the exam. yes?

Dale Carrico said...

That's right. You'll be providing two short essaylets. The first will be drawn from the group of three prompts I've offered up so far. The second will be drawn from another group of three prompts I have not yet provided you -- but two of which will arrive tomorrow. Calling the remaining prompts "mystery questions" makes them sound rather more exciting than they are, try not to be too disappointed when they arrive.

Marv said...

Can you give a quick run-down as to the format of our essays?

Font, double-spaced, etc.


Dale Carrico said...

Nothing unusual, half-foot margins all sides single-spaced italic 18-pt wingdings font in high arsenic content inks only, please.

Marv said...

I worry about you sometimes..

Marv said...

I'm going to miss this class.